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Peppermint Patties

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Makes 8 patties

  • ½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut

  • ½ cup coconut oil

  • 20 drops liquid stevia

  • 1/3 teaspoon food-grade, pure peppermint oil

  • 3 ounces sugar-free chocolate


  1. Melt coconut oil in a small saucepan on medium-low heat, but don’t overheat

  2. Combine the shredded coconut, coconut oil, and stevia

  3. Once mixture is combined and cool, add peppermint oil

  4. Pour mixture into the bottom of 8 muffin trays

  5. Freeze muffin tray for 20 minutes, or until coconut mixture is solid

  6. Heat 2-3 inches of water in a medium-sized saucepan, on medium heat and nestle a smaller saucepan within it.

  7. Turn your heat to low and place your chocolate in the smaller saucepan to melt it, stirring continuously.

  8. Remove your melted chocolate from the heat.

  9. Pop out each coconut patty from the muffin tin, dip it in the melted chocolate and return it to the muffin tin. Repeat for each coconut patty.

  10. Any remaining chocolate can be divided between the muffin tins by pouring it on top of the patties

  11. Refreeze for 15 minutes or until solid

  12. Keep stored in the freezer

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